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EG is a leading real estate investment fund manager with market leading performance over the 15 years since establishment.  We're focused on creating alignment in our relationships with our partners because we believe that this is fundamental to long-term success.  We value long-term relationships and the authenticity of these connections.


About EG


EG Funds Management has created a unique and diverse investment portfolio, with $2.8 billion in assets under management. Our active investment approach is tempered by a disciplined, systematic rigour in assessing and managing risk. This balance allows us to realise consistently strong returns for our investors.


EG Developments has a project pipeline value of over $2.1 billion. We focus on high quality residential projects that create sustainable, connected communities: the sort of places we’d like to live in. Our trusted team of world-renowned architects, consultants and urban planners works to ensure that communities will flourish in the urban spaces we create.


EG Advisory is a multi-disciplinary property advisory group that specialises in project management and strategic advice in urban planning. We prefer to work with like-minds, those who share our values of alignment and vision. So we partner with innovative architects, legal experts and consultants who work in unison to realise our clients' vision.

EG’s superior Risk Management system drives success

Our systematic, data-driven approach is underpinned by our unique risk management system, PRISMS®. This web-enabled software ensures a methodical approach to identifying, evaluating and pricing market and asset risk. PRISMS® proprietary technology has allowed EG to be a leader in property funds management.

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Our PRISMS iQ report showcases our risk intelligence score. It combines systematic and asset risk scores to give an indicative reading on risk.

Report Summary

The impacts of international events such as wars, epidemics and major economic shocks is one of the risk scores addressed in PRISMS.

Absolute Alignment is vital to investment out-performance

Our Absolute Alignment model sets an industry benchmark for genuine, long-term partnerships with our stakeholders and the wider community. And it all stems from fostering alignment within our own team.

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Cultivating a culture of high engagement and trust

Our philosophy is to encourage a combination of entrepreneurial thinking with the relentless discipline of ‘getting things done’. We’re a team of high performers, with no-one too big to pitch-in and do the little things.

Our People

By Adam Geha ON 20 May 2019

My Brother Jack ... And The Smile That Survived Auschwitz

My reflections an educational and elevating March Of The Living tour of Poland and Israel and meeting Jack Meister, a Holocaust survivor, as a part of the touring party.


27 Sep 2019

EG Welcomes The Next Generation of Property at Future...

EG has hosted the next generation of industry thinkers at the launch of our Future Calling event series.


By Linh Pham ON 14 Oct 2019

Future Proofing The Cities of Yesterday

We now have the tech solutions to help us better understand the patterns of evolution and enable us to build resilient cities.