Investor Alignment

Alignment is vital to investment out-performance

We are focused on creating alignment with capital partners because we believe that this is fundamental to long-term success. We value lasting relationships and the authenticity of these connections.


We’ve developed a proprietary alignment model called Absolute Alignment. We support this guiding business model with a set of core promises:
01 Alignment in execution 
We will always quote our base fees in dollar terms, not as a percentage of Funds Under Management (FUM). This is because we believe base fees should be tightly linked to resourcing and cost recovery. They should not deliver a substantial profit to the fund manager.
02 Alignment in underperformance 
We will always co-invest alongside our investment partners and do so in a “first-loss” position. This ensures that we remain supremely focused on downside risk potential.
03 Alignment in out-performance
We will always receive our success fees only after the assets have been sold (i.e. on the realised price, rather than on valuation).