eg grow

Our unique personal & professional development program

We believe enthusiasm for life beyond work is vital to staying motivated in your role. EG gives employees more than is typically expected and in return we ask that you bring an enhanced level of commitment to your role.

EG Care

Giving is a large part of EG's culture

At EG, caring about others isn’t about corporate social responsibility, it’s about our heart.

Lasting relationships matter to us and we support our team and the charities we partner with, with the long-term in mind.

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EG Connnect

Teams that play together, stay together.

We like to think of our connections at EG as ones built on trust and shared vulnerability. This creates an environment where we can truly be ourselves at work.  We do this by giving people time out from their day-to-day to connect on a more social level – thus fostering friendship and trust.

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eg create

EG attracts entrepreneurial thinkers.

We are aware of the need to keep our team constantly challenged and growing – stretched.  We set bold and daunting goals at EG and team members are motivated and supported to achieve them.

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