Giving is in our DNA

Care is a dearly held value at EG. We care about the life-stories that make each of us who we are. We care about sharing the journey and making each day as fun and enjoyable as possible. We forge relationships that last - supporting our team and charity partners with the long-term in mind.

EG Health

All of us have regular health checks to ensure that we have every chance of living a long, healthy and productive life. We all want to be in the best possible shape to face the daily challenges being part of an ambitious team provides.

Most of us are fitness fanatics and many participate in various informal sport and training activities. Healthy eating and regular exercise is encouraged and often sponsored by EG.

EG Charity

Our team welcomes opportunities to support those in need

We build deep connections with charities aligned to our philosophy of giving people a hand up in life by intervening as early as possible. Many of us have travelled overseas to experience these charities’ work first-hand. Such trips are a powerful reminder of the privileged lives we enjoy and the impact of giving to empower others.

Charity Partnerships

Helmsman Project

The Helmsman Project partners with schools in communities affected by disadvantage. Helmsman programs rely on volunteer coaches who work with teenagers to develop an awareness of opportunities available to them in the future, creating a sense of hope and increased resilience. Experiential learning programs enable students to better understand and learn the attributes that will help them navigate through life’s challenges to achieve their full potential.                     

Helmsman Project

St Martin de Porres

Our team in Manila works closely with a local childcare facility, St Martin de Porres, to support underprivileged families.
St Martin de Porres has the backing of local business to support parents to give their child the best future possible in terms of health care and education. The facility also operates as a childcare and health facility.  EG contributes financially to upgrade St Martin de Porres and the whole team contributes by donating time, money, clothing and toys.

Half the Sky Australia

Half the Sky, formerly known as One Sky, creates and implements simple, replicable early learning programs that provide nurturing responsive care, transforming the lives of thousands of at-risk children every day. Doing so means children receive the love and care they deserve; giving a second chance at childhood to those most in need.         

Half the Sky

Neema Foundation

Neema Craft Centre provides training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities in Tanzania. There’s a stigma attached to disability in Tanzania, and the centre restores dignity and hope for many who previously relied on street begging or were hidden away at home.

Neema Foundation

Adam Kellerman

Adam is a world champion wheelchair tennis player and paraolympian ranked #1 in Australia and #11 in the world. Adam was diagnosed with a form of cancer called Ewings Sarcoma at just thirteen. During treatment for his cancer, he developed an infection that caused the removal of his right hip - limiting the use of his right leg. Now, Adam not only leads Australia in wheelchair tennis, he visits the EG team from time to time and thrashes us at table tennis too!

Adam Kellerman

Together for Humanity

Established in 2002, Together for Humanity is a multi-faith organisation that works in schools, organisations and communities to foster tolerance through intercultural understanding from a young age. Having worked with more than 100,000 Australian students and teachers in primary and secondary schools nationwide, Together For Humanity is determined to defeat prejudice and hatred towards matters of faith and cultural origin. 

Together for Humanity

We choose to be defined by the way we do business, as much as the business we do