Teams that play together, stay together

Our strong relationships are built on trust.

We spend most of our waking hours at work, and it makes life a lot more fun when we work with people that we like and trust. While our team works hard to outperform in a competitive market place, we also understand the need to have down-time in order to regroup and refresh.

EG Thrive

Our down time is up time! We believe enthusiasm for life beyond work is vital to staying motivated in the office.

EG promotes a team hobby program where everyone picks a course to learn a new cultural or sporting skill each year. Many of the team choose to complete hobby programs together, which forges deeper friendships and makes the learning experience more enjoyable. Successfully completing the course earns you an extra two weeks leave.

Cultural Events

Team Events

Every six weeks, the team spends a Friday afternoon out of the office together. The aim with this might take the form of archery practice, indoor skydiving or trying to master a Taylor Swift dance routine.

Either way, we know that at EG, you will be taken out of your comfort zone, learn to laugh at yourself and have a lot of fun.

Family Time

Family comes first at EG.  Our families join the team on our cultural events at least twice a year.

This gives everyone a chance get to know each other better, forming and strengthening friendships over the years. Family events include: summer snorkeling outings, family picnics, movie days and even the occasional camping trip.

Milestone Celebrations

We are aware of the need to keep our team constantly challenged and growing. We call it ‘staying stretched’. So we set bold, even daunting goals at EG and motivate and support each other to achieve them.

And then we take the time to stop and celebrate when these goals are achieved. That means champagne, team lunches, overseas trips, whatever it takes!