EG seeks entrepreneurial thinkers

At EG, we make sure that you aren’t pigeonholed, but rather given every opportunity to play to your strengths and explore new opportunities. Exposure to many areas of the business will fuel your professional growth. And we’ll support you in personal growth too.

EG Stretch

Regular reviews keep us all on track

Count on us to give you real-time feedback about your development and performance to ensure your expectations and ours are always aligned. In addition, you are reviewed quarterly by your manager. It’s a robust two-way process that ladders to your annual review, helping eliminate any surprises.

Our annual reviews are based on a transparent peer review system. The defining characteristics of an EG high-performer are being: hungry, humble, job-smart, people-smart and having strong self-confidence.

Entrepreneurial ventures

Everyone at EG is encouraged to develop entrepreneurial ideas with the opportunity to participate in equity. EG’s entrepreneurial program promotes lateral thinking and gives you a chance to experiment with budding business ideas in a safe environment.