Who we are

EG people are team players. Yes, we’re driven to succeed, but not at the expense of others.

Patrick Lencioni describes the ultimate team player as being Hungry, Humble and People-Smart. We’ve added an additional two: Job-Smart and Self-Confidence. While we don’t have an exact recipe for successful employees, these five factors come close to describing both who we are and what we look for.

We want to set the benchmark as the best corporate culture in Australia.

At EG, the well-being of our people is of utmost importance to us. We believe that to be balanced human beings it is vital to keep you healthy, engaged and always learning. To continuously grow and improve. To thrive.


  • Being told that you're appreciated is something that you often hear around here

    Jane Daly

    Asset Manager - Retail

  • Got an idea, go and get it!

    Grant Flannigan

    Development Director

  • I work here because I 'love to', not because I have to

    Aakriti Chona

    Manager - Capital Transactions

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