Yield Plus Infrastructure
Fund No. 1 (YPI 1)

Fund Overview
Yield Plus Infrastructure Fund No. 1 was launched in 2006, with the philosophy of 'following the infrastructure'.

The fund has delivered strong performance, and is continuing to realise several high-quality, multi-use developments, including the heritage Flour Mill of Summer Hill.
Inception Date 2006
Status Closed
Fund Term 10 years
Fund Size $412m


The YPI 1 fund strategy was to invest in yield-producing assets likely to benefit from urban renewal, new transport and community infrastructure, rezoning, repositioning and/or redevelopment potential.

​The geographical focus being Australian capital cities.


We have an excellent track record in rezoning, having successfully completed over 50 major land use changes in the past five years.  As a testament to this outstanding performance, all assets that required a rezoning submission in YPI 1 were successfully completed.

Track Record

YPI 1 was launched in 2006, with an equity raise of circa AU $240 million. A total of 17 assets were acquired and were diversified by geography and sector. YPI 1 has since divested ten of these assets.


Balancing heritage & progress