Yield Plus Infrastructure
Fund No. 2  (YPI 2)

Fund Overview

YPI 2’s model is based on investment surrounding infrastructure, particularly public transport.

The Australian State and Federal Governments have a planned spend of AU $70 billion on approximately 130 infrastructure projects across the country, over the coming 10 years.

Inception Date July 2016
Fund Status Closed
Fund Term 8 years
Fund Size $750m


The YPI 2 fund strategy is to acquire a portfolio of yield producing real estate assets with rezoning or repositiong potential.

YPI 2 is seeking assets in areas considered by EG as likely to benefit from urban renewal and/or the construction of new transport and community infrastructure.


We have an excellent track record in rezoning, having successfully completed over 50 major land use changes in the past five years.  As a testament to this outstanding performance, all assets that required a rezoning submission in the YPI 1 Fund were successfully completed.

Track Record

YPI 2 follows the success of  YPI 1, which was launched in 2006, with an equity raise of circa AU $240 million. A total of 17 assets were acquired for AU $311 million. These assets were diversified by geography and sector. YPI 1 has since divested ten of these assets, recording strong returns for our investors.


Balancing present & past